Southern Man

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


With the advent of fair weather and calming of the seemingly ceaseless winds Southern Man has made it out to The Land every evening so far this week - today should make it three for three - for more progress on The Workshop and dinner at the firepit. The garden-tool room is nearly done (enough that it's now full of garden tools and hoses and such; why Southern Man has six shovels and four rakes is beyond him but he tends to accumulate those sorts of things) and this evening should see more progress on the fishing room. By the weekend that should be finished and Southern Man will - finally - begin to gather all of his scattered fishing gear into one place so that it can be put to the use God intended. And it's also a pleasure to just sit and look at all of the green and listen to the fish hit the surface of the pond and watch the stars come out in the evening while eating freshly-grilled meat and sipping a cold beer and playing Words With Friends on the iPad. Life doesn't get much better than that. Walden is a favorite book and Southern Man aspires to that simple lifestyle but also has a deep appreciation for things that Thoreau didn't have; electricity and 3G coverage are foremost among them.


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