Southern Man

Monday, April 04, 2011

Steak By The Lake

The winds have certainly been sweepin' down the plains these last few days, to the extent that the state issued wind warnings and in a place as windy as this that actually means something. Yesterday Southern Man and a friend spent much of the afternoon at The Land working on The Shed - the friend's outside job was to stand on the sheets of plywood to keep them from sailing away while Southern Man ran the saw - and we didn't dare try to grill our steaks and ended up at Golden Corral instead. But the weather predicted that the wind would die down this evening so Southern Man went out after work today and got some wiring done and some more plywood up and sure enough by dark it was nearly dead calm so one of the two steaks that had been allocated for yesterday (along with mushrooms and green peppers) went on the fire to be washed down with a delicious cold beer. With any luck at all Wednesday will be a repeat with the second steak. And when Southern Man got home there was a water ski (non-slalom) in the living room. Life with teen daughter is occasionally rather interesting.


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