Southern Man

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Recap

No blogging for a week because (a) it was Spring Break and Southern Man was out enjoying his holiday and (b) through an oversight on his part there was no 'net at the house for a week. OK, mostly (b). It's fine to surf and play simple games and check email on the iPad but not much else.

Southern Man's eleven-year-old daughter is here this week for her Spring Break, so Southern Man had a week to himself and then went north to fetch her on Saturday and spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday with her before surrendering her to Southern Grandmother but will hopefully get more time with her before he has to take her back on Friday. She's already two for two on geocaches! Southern Man doesn't even have to work at it anymore; she's happy to run ahead and start the search without him.


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