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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Robotics Workshop Day 3

Our final session was pretty relaxed; demos of various group projects (ours worked twice in a row, which is a record) and chats from the conference hosts. Southern Man picked up one more geocache on his way to the MARTA station, ate a nice (but expensive) meal in the ATL terminal, breezed through security (with a robot in his carry-on), and had an unevenful flight back home. The only surprise was that his parking-shuttle driver was a former student, so we had a fun chat.

Kudos to ATL; no other airport in Southern Man's experience is as easy or as inexpensive to get in and out of. Again, "they" say block out the better part of an hour for security; it took less than ten minutes (and there were signs posted with estimated wait times that were dead on). The metro light rail terminal that sweeps you in and out is all of a hundred yards from baggage claim, and an internal train whisks you to your designated terminal in moments. Southern Man did less walking at ATL than at his much smaller home-city airport.

Tomorrow it is back to work. New-student enrollment figures are low (which is a concern since Southern Man teaches the first-semester courses) but he will try not to worry too much about it until then.


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