Southern Man

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bitter Truths

A comment by "julian" on this post at Citizen Renegade:
Man, how sometimes the truths on this blog sting like a thousand rattlesnake bites. I lost the love of my life due to doing every beta thing espoused on this blog and the truth is my beta behaviors rarely if ever came from weakness; they came from a sense of honor and from compassion.

It’s worse actually when beta behaviors come from compassion because if they come from weakness, you can at least say “hey im a weak insecure person”; I deserved to get dumped. But when they come from a purer place, the sting haunts you in ways that are unimaginable.
An eloquent statement of how Southern Man grieves the end of his recent marriage, tormented by pain and regret that is as fresh today as it was when he moved out, or six months later when the relationship and marriage ended in flaming ruin. Lord, grant me peace; let me forgive and forget. Amen.


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