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Friday, November 05, 2010

Passing Blogs

A number of blogs followed by Southern Man have fallen by the wayside in recent days. Or months.

A family member's blog ended with a terrific post back in April and hasn't been updated since. Too bad, as YankeeMel is a good writer - as is her SO (Southern Man's sister) whose old blog has been similarly abandoned. They're both insanely busy, which is probably why. Two globe-trotting cousins, Neighbors Man and Neighbors Grll, have left their blogs in favor of Facebook and Twitter. And Southern Man just can't bear to de-link a couple of his childern's first blogs even though they've been abandoned for years. One is his teen daughter's first blog on blogspot, and another is her first blog on Xanga. How long ago was Xanga in Internet years? Sadly, teen son's first blog on Myspace is a classic example of why one shouldn't let children edit their templates. And now that they're safely linked for posterity they will probably vanish from the bottom of the blogroll where they've languished for years. Oh, and just so the link isn't lost - Southern Man's MySpace.

The always-hilarious
Exploding Unicorn, which Southern Man reads just for the sheer pleasure of how the author puts words together, hasn't been updated in months. The new baby may have something to do with that. Eject! Eject! Eject!, a political blog on Pajamas Media, hasn't been updated in some time. The Future Speaks, an exciting new student-driven political blog, has also fallen by the wayside - no doubt a victim of assignemnts and homework and other pesky school stuff.

The author of
Panzramic has closed his site, without explanation. It hadn't been updated in a while, but, still, a bit unusual to simply pull it like that. The Man Who Is Thursday has also vanished without explanation. He had some good posts and Southern Man may have to Google for some of the "Thursday Maxims" before they vanish down the memory hole for good.

The Obsidian Files was apparently suspended due to TOS violations. Gucci Little Piggy has a discussion thread on this and the author himself gives this account at The Spearhead. Southern Man didn't have Obsidian in his blogroll - he's a bit on the rascist side - but still read it from time to time. Word is that he'll resurrect his work on a non-Wordpress site.

On the other hand, Rachel Lucas is back after a lengthy hiatus and a few new blogs have been added to the roll - Adventures of a Girl Programmer is a former co-worker who relocated to the Great White North and Southern Man first referenced Conservative Lesbian in this post. This weekend may see some reorganization and additions (and, sadly, some deletions) from the blogroll.

But only if the weather's bad. The Land is calling!


At Saturday, November 20, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my reasons for disappearing. Could you remove the references to me as a PUA/gamer?



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