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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dance With The Ones Who Brought You

OK, House Republicans, big wins yesterday. Now don't forget who brought you - small-government, independent-minded Tea Partiers. You couldn't have won without us. Disappoint us again, and out you will go - again.

State winners, you've a chance to lead the way. Now get to work and do it. Show the nation the benefits of less government and more freedom. It's not a coincidence that the Red States (particularly Texas, which gets credit for roughly half of the new jobs in recent months) are leading the nation in economic recovery, and the Blue States are dragging us down.

And don't worry about a couple of high-profile losses. The slim Democrat majority in the Senate will prevent the First Dude from blaming us for everything and Harry Reid as the voice of the Senate Democrats will be a gift that keeps on giving. We're not done with the Senate yet - the Dems must defend even more seats in 2012. And two years of Governor Moonbeam may be just what California needs to set up a conservative backlash there come next election.

We've turned a corner. Now stay the course.


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