Southern Man

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Phil says it best:
Today I voted to refudiate. To refudiate the idea that this is a fringe or extremist movement. To refudiate the idea that America wants this health care bill, this increase in government size, this movement further toward the nanny state. I voted to refudiate the idea that "We Are All Socialists Now."
Southern Man voted against anything and anyone that would take more of his money and reduce more of his freedom. Southern Man voted against the notion of fixing broken systems by granting even more funds and power to the folks that broke them in the first place. Southern Man voted for those who promised to put the good of the individual before the tyranny of the State.

It isn't Republican against Democrat anymore, or even conservative against liberal. Today will be a shot heard 'round the world in the war against statism. That war will be long and difficult. But today could turn out to be the turning point. Let us hope and pray that it is.


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