Southern Man

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy Day Adventures

And it wasn't even raining when Southern Man pulled out early this morning in the 'lil Hyundai but the heavenly floodgates opened as he was on his way. Little did he know that the forcast called for six to ten inches over the next few hours. About a mile from work he got surprised by high water and flooded out.


About ten minutes later a nice fellow in a big truck came along and pushed us to higher ground but the car wouldn't start so Southern Man called his favorite wrecker company (to add to the adventure the phone, which had been on the charger all night, died shortly thereafter) and eventually got a tow to the dealership where the Hyundai now sits in line with the rest of the morning flood victims. The rest of the day will be spent in the dry comfort of Casa Southern Man playing computer games and watching movies (teenage daughter has Return Of The Jedi in right now) and fretting about whether or not the Hyundai will need a new motor as per the dire predictions of the service manager.

[Added later] We got nearly ten inches over a six-hour period; a downpour expected only once per five hundred years. That much rain over a full twenty-four hours only happens once per century!


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