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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ivy League Overlords

David Bernstein notes that after John Paul Stevens retires from the Supreme Court he will leave eight justices who all attended law school at either Harvard or Yale.

John G. Roberts, appointed 2005; Harvard Law School, 1979
Antonio Scalia, appointed 1986; Harvard Law School, 1960
Anthony Kennedy, appointed 1988; Harvard Law School, 1961
Clarence Thomas, appointed 1991; Yale Law School, 1974
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, appointed 1993; Harvard Law School (attended, then transferred to Columbia), 1959
Stephen Breyer, appointed 1994; Harvard Law School, 1964
Samuel Alito, appointed 1996; Yale Law School, 1975
Sonia Sotomayer, appointed 2009; Yale Law School, 1979
If Elena Kagan (Harvard Law School, 1986) is confirmed (which is a longs ways off) it'll be nine for nine.
But wait, there's more!
George W. Bush (Yale, 1968) and Dick Cheney (attended Yale but, in his words, "flunked out") defeated Bill Clinton (Yale Law School, 1973) and Al Gore (Harvard, 1969). Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush (Yale, 1948). By Southern Man's count, the only president and vice-presidents of the last two decades who didn't go to Harvard or Yale are Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Dan Quayle.

A comment on
this story at Chicago Boyz (sorry, no direct link to the comment) sums it all up:

"Everyone in a position of power in the SEC, on the New York Stock Exchange board, sitting in the Secretary of the Treasury seat, and acting as a close advisor to any president on economic matters over the last thirty years has gone to school north and east of the intersection of 37th and O Street in Washington, D.C."


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