Southern Man

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Southern Weather

This time the skies lashed out with a brief but ferocious hailstorm that shattered windows and crushed backyard grills and destroyed God knows what else. Afterwards Southern Man picked up aggregate hailstones that were - he kids you not - the size of grapefruit, that crumbled into handfuls of solid golfball-sized chucks. Thankfully, Southern Man lost no glass - lots of fresh dimples in vehicle sheet metal and lots of shingles gone from The Barn, which is scheduled for a re-roof anyway - but many windows in his apartment complex were shattered and several friends lost windshields - including Southern Man's ex, whose little Neon looks like someone went over it with a sledgehammer.

Photo by Southern Man's ex from inside the aforementioned Neon.

Here's a cell phone pic from the brother of Southern Man's sister-in-law.

Found on YouTube; watch until the 2:00 mark.

Another YouTube video of the hailstorm...


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