Southern Man

Friday, June 18, 2010

Movie Review - Toy Story 3

Well, no review is really necessary; with Toy Story 3 Pixar is now a solid eleven for eleven. If you have children you will see it and you will enjoy it just as much as the first two installments.

Southern Man did poke around a bit on Rotten Tomatoes to see how these films ranked, relatively speaking. Surprisingly, the tail end of the pack is held by
Cars, which one of his favorites. While the name of this blog might conjure up images of magnolia trees and mint juleps it might be more properly called "South-Western Man" as the author spent some formative years in the mountains of Arizona and is more at home on the Great Western Plains than in the Confederate South. Cars' loving treatment of Route 66 and the desolate beauty of the West will always keep it in regular rotation.


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