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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scripting and Style Sheets and Code, Oh My!

Long-time readers (all three of you) may (or may not) notice a few layout changes on the 'ole blog, 'cause Southern Man gave a midterm tonight and spent the last hour or so at the classroom PC twiddling with the blog template, with the following effects:
  • Rotating browser title and blog title for your temporary amusement
  • Post titles have permalinks for your more permanent amusement
  • comment / comments is plural or singular as appropriate
  • Icons added to list of blogs on the right-side column
  • And a host of even more subtle effects and improvements
Note that if you want these cool effects for your own blog, it's summer break (which means Southern Man works a modest thirty-hour week instead of sixty-plus) and his coding and scripting services can be had, for a price.

Not to mention that Southern Man is now the proud owner of the Internet domain, which at the moment does nothing more than put you right back here (and paste a banner across the bottom as their price for their "free" redirecting service) but will in the near future be home to some longer articles and essays that he's been itchin' to write. So stay tuned to Southern Man! It'll be a great summer for blogging!


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