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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Break Recap

Southern Man had two weeks of Spring Break, kinda sorta; his day teaching job was out last week (when every other school in the state was still in session), and his evening teaching jobs had their break this week when all the rest of the schools were off. Furthermore, Southern Man's ex was out of the state for much of the week at a conference, so the kids spent much of the week bouncing back and forth between their grandparents and Casa Southern Man.

Southern Man had a chance to spend the evening and night with his youngest on Wednesday. At her request we went a second time to see Bridge to Terabithia (Southern Man's previous review here) and had a fine time there. Alas, he had to return her to her grandparents and go to work the next day. But then on Thursday night (actually early, early Friday morning) his eldest son returned from a week-long school trip to Ireland, so he spent the night and then the following day at Southern Man's workplace. The two older kids had a church function Friday evening, and after that middle daughter was returned to her grandparents (the girls were scheduled to volunteer at a local food pantry with grandma the next morning) eldest son and I went to a late showing of 300 (reviewed here).

The next day (Saturday) Southern Man retrieved the girls and had all three kids for the rest of the weekend. It was middle daughter's turn to set the agenda and we (by now joined by Southern Man's gf) spent the afternoon shopping at her request, including a visit to a most fabulous Asian market where we all bought all manner of interesting junk. We picked up a small mountain of Chinese take-out on the way home and had a wonderful feast in Southern Man's backyard, followed by a couple of hours of playing on the trampoline and just general fooling around. It was probably the most fun Southern Man's had with all three kid together since last summer. Wish it could have lasted forever.

And now it's Sunday morning and the kids have been delivered to church and back into their mom's care and the last vestige of Spring Break is over. And another two long weeks until Southern Man has any meaningful time with his children again...Lord, only You know how we all ache from the pain that comes from a broken home. May you continue to heal us all from the hurts of the past and comfort us in the future. Amen.


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