Southern Man

Monday, December 18, 2006

Concert Blues

After a busy Monday morning of tax class and busier afternoon dealing with last-minute student appointments and getting grades turned in for three universities, Southern Man found himself invited to two Christmas Concerts that evening - one coming in a rather belated message reporting that his teenage daughter was performing that very evening and sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

The first was notable in that Southern Man's gf finally got to introduce him to her friend Noah Crawford, the talented young man who occasionally plays the child version of Earl Hickey in flashback sequences in the TV sitcom My Name is Earl. So Southern Man got to meet a bona fida TV star of sorts. He's quite a charming and likeable young man and Southern Man hopes he goes far.

The second was notable in that the aforementioned belated message about that night's concert provided the wrong time and the concert was already over by the appointed hour. Oh, well. There will be other concerts...

And the blue part of the day is that Southern Man's relationship with his ex is even more strained than usual. It's sad when two people who have shared so much can't even have a normal conversation. Lord, I pray that you would bring both of us peace and comfort. Continue to heal me of the pain and the bitterness that had so often has caused me to erupt in anger, and grant me the gift of responding to hurtful words with your lovingkindness. Amen.


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