Southern Man

Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Update

The highlight was, of course, the TSO concert...Saturday was mostly running the kids to and from their various commitments (teen son had a mission project at church; teen daughter, a piano party). Southern Man and his little girl did engage in one of their usual Saturday treats and toured the food samples at Sams Club. After gathering everyone up again everyone went to a piano recital at Southern Man's workplace (one of his students doubles as a music major) and then the kids were dropped off at church for the Saturday performance of their Christmas program.

Southern Man actually attended said Christmas program on Sunday morning, and it was pretty good. The entire family had roles in the production and all did a great job. Southern Man is awful proud of all of his kids and he hopes they know that. He then went to the local megachurch noon service and heard yet another pretty good sermon (second in his diakoneo series), went to a friend's house for leftover Audrey's Mess, then headed out for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

The mall was a complete zoo, of course. However, we stumbled upon a pretty nifty deal - former OU heros and Heisman Trophy winners Jason White and Billy Sims were there signing autographs for charity. Some lucky Sooner fan is getting an OU T-shirt with both names on it. After the mall we hit a bookstore (Southern Man had a couple of Barnes and Noble gift cards to burn, and burn them he did) and then called it a day.

The coming week should be both busy and fun.


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