Southern Man

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Self-Improvement Week: Fitness and Exercise

This is an area in which Southern Man is sadly lacking. Since moving out to The Land last summer he's had a gym membership (and he goes to said gym nearly every morning to shower) but has made little use of the exercise facilities. This has got to change. It's not that Southern Man doesn't get a fair amount of exercise - keeping up with ten acres is hard work - but he needs to be in a regular fitness and stretching routine to repair the damage that countless hours sitting at a computer has done to his back. Southern Man focused on his remaining upper-cross syndrome at the chiropractor but every other week isn't enough. This doesn't have to be complicated and doesn't even require a gym: a routine of squatting (which strengthens the core) and simple lifts (there's a great video of a simple lift routine that if Southern Man can ever find again he'll imbed it here) followed by stretching would do wonders. It wouldn't hurt to focus on balance exercises as well. Southern Man also needs to improve his aerobic health; the gym has a lovely lap pool and plenty of cardio machines and he just needs to schedule the time to do them every morning. He was quite the long-distance runner back in the day but isn't sure that his knees would respond well to that today but running is an option as well. Southern Man has no intention of looking like a body builder; he just wants a routine that's simple and that gets decent results without a lot of fiddling around and record-keeping and such but there's no doubt that putting on a little muscle will help with weight loss as well as increase his overall levels of health and fitness.


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