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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Update

Well, really more of a week update.

Monday was the Spring Birthday Celebration at Outback. Which is in part all about Southern Man.

Southern Brother

Southern Children and Nephews and Neice. Heads, from left to right: nephew, son, nephew, nephew, nephew, niece. Teen Daughter was seated by niece but for whatever reason wasn't in her seat for this pic.

Youngest Southern Niece with her mother and grandmother. Also, new glasses!

A good time was had by all.

The rest of the week was actually fairly relaxed as Teen Daughter was (mostly) content to hang at the Ancestral Manor with her grandparents. Southern Man had dinner there 'most every night and many games were played afterwards.

Teen Daughter declined to be photographed during this time.

Friday morning Southern Man and Teen Daughter were on the road to make the trip up to her mom's house but Southern Man had no intention of driving back that same night and had already reserved a hotel room so we had dinner at one of her favorite restaurants and we then retired to the luxury of the Motel 6 indoor pool and hot tub. The next morning after breakfast Southern Man took her home.

The return trip was all about geocaching.

If you're ever in Lawrence, there's a geocache tucked behind this sign.

This clever series had caches hidden in plastic eggs. The cache is visible in the lower picture as well if you look closely.

Some see red dirt and a muddy ditch; Southern Man sees the peace and quiet of Southern Land. And a pretty good spot to catch catfish.

Southern Man would bet good money that, back in the day, had Southern Father been asked to guess which of his three children would one day purposefully drive on dirt roads and stop just to take pictures of trains he'd need all three guesses.

Why, yes, Southern Man is standing on the track. And, yes, the train was stopped at the time. But the engineer did playfully toot the diesel horn for him.

This one goes to eleven!

But this is one better.

The return trip took ten hours (the first two 'caching, the next five dashing through the leading edge of a snowstorm, and once out of the storm and near home the last three 'caching again) and netted Southern Man his best 'caching day ever, thanks mostly to the twelve-cache bird nest power run.

And today was Sunday School and lunch with friends (Mediterranean buffet), a little time at the office to prep for tomorrow and upload photos and update the blog, and deer stew for dinner. Back to the grind tomorrow...


At Monday, April 22, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Youngest southern niece? Where is the oldest? Please post more beautiful pictures! Your sister is pretty. Are all your clan members good looking too?

At Monday, May 06, 2013, Blogger Southern Man said...

My male relatives are all handsome and my female relatives are all beautiful. Thanks to their genes favoring their mother rather than their father, so are my daughters.


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