Southern Man

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Beautiful Weekend

Old Man Winter has temporarily forgotten Southern Land, with early February temperatures in the fifties and sixties. What a great weekend to be outdoors!

Saturday Morning was the monthly "coffee talk" with the church singles. This month J (who runs the animal outreach program Critter Tales) brought some of her critters and told tales.

J with a Great Horned Owl. Photo by A.

Southern Man with an African boa. Photo by A.

And of course there was geocaching. The faithful Hyundai may be a city car but it was raised in the country and took Southern Man well off the beaten path this weekend.

In the piney woods.

On the old spillway at the north end of Lake O.

Sunday morning was spent with friends at Sunday School; Sunday afternoon, geocaching and visiting Southern Parents, and Sunday evening, ignoring the Super Bowl and relaxing out at The Land. Southern Man may actually be ready for another Monday. Lord, thank you for the beauty that surrounds us and for giving us the ability to appreciate Your creations. Amen.


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