Southern Man

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Teen Daughter Arrives

After a restful night in The Trailer (with no alarm!) Southern Man had a nice breakfast and puttered around a bit and then set off on what would prove to be a long but fun day.

After errands (both credit unions, the dry cleaner, the office) and geocaching (a quick three en route) Southern Man was once again at the airport to pick up Teen Daughter, who is spending the entire week. After many hugs and kisses we made our way to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (her favorite eatery) and then to Southern Parents, who will keep her for a few days as Southern Man must work some next week. They were, as one would expect, quite happy to see their youngest grandchild.

Southern Son is in the process of moving out of his own trailer so he and Southern Father and Southern Man went to his place to load up a couple of large pieces of furniture, which Southern Man and Southern Father took out to The Land for storage and to pick up some scaffolding and transport it to the Ancestral Manor. That consumed much of the afternoon. Then Southern Man left his daughter with her grandparents and headed south for a birthday party (the teacher of his Sunday School class), which was great fun.

Photo by unknown, stolen from a party-goer's Facebook page.

And then it was a long drive back home and another restful night in The Trailer. People think Southern Man is a little nuts for living out there but he loves it!


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