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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SC12 Day 4

Southern Man will not bore you with SC12 conference details today, as it was mostly more of the same. Instead he will (first) take you on a journey into the geeky past.

Southern Lad discovered Star Trek in Jr. High School, when the series was first in reruns. He'd actually seen one episode in first run - This Side Of Paradise - a few years earlier.!

And he was completely taken by this marvelous and imaginitive show. To the point that he would set up his cassette-tape recorder and audio-tape the episodes (the long-suffering Southern Mother would start the tape for him, as the school bus didn't get him home quite in time) and then transcribe the episodes in fear that this wonderful show would vanish into the mists of time and he'd be the only one to remember it. Yes, Southern Lad really did think that way. And he still has those old notebooks of hand-written Trek scripts.

Of course, he now has those episodes on DVD and will probably have them on Blu-ray some day. But the point is, Southern Man has been a Trekker for a long, long time.

And on the SC12 show floor Intel (as you may have noticed in a previous photo) has the original bridge set. And if you jump through enough hoops they let you visit it. So Southern Man jumped through said hoops and paid a visit to the bridge of the original USS Enterprise.

That's right. Southern Man was on the bridge. The actual real live genuine bridge. Of the USS Enterprise.

At the Science Station.

Mr. Spock.

Well, it was apparent that it wasn't the real bridge. Southern Man did a bit of research and knows that the real bridge was lost long ago. But just let him pretend, OK? Also, Southern Man has got to get a real camera. Or a new phone with a better camera. Or something.

In the meantime, Southern Man had noted that there were a few other SC12 geocachers so he sent out a few emails to arrange an informal SC12 Cachers Pub Meet and so we did.

Four geocachers.

A couple of the guys brought "travel bugs" to trade.

Oh, yes, and Southern Man got his phone back this morning. All is well.


At Thursday, November 15, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Years ago I was in Las Vegas for a vacation and found out that there was a Star Trek convention there at the same time. I made the mistake of going to Las Vegas in August. It wasn't bad, as we were inside a casino most of the time, but we took the city bus one day, and wouldn't you know it, the a/c on that particular bus was broken.

That's when we found out about the Star Trek convention, as we were on the bus with a poor suffering soul in full costume and makeup as a Klingon.

Girl Programmer

At Monday, November 26, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite...who is better, Captain James T. Kirk or First Officer Spock? (I am sure Spock has a more titled position but it escapes me)


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