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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Robots and Geocaching

After a relaxing morning Southern Man headed to a small city about an hour southwest to help a friend who's mentoring a high-school robotics team that wanted to branch out into geocaching as a means of advertising their program.

The students hard at work on their robot.

Having taught a bit of robotics from time to time Southern Man was impressed by both the facilities and the enthusiasm of the students who were eager to demonstrate some of the various modules they were constructing for the upcoming competition. But after a bit the geocaching group broke off and we planted a cache near City Hall.

The students suggest a hiding place.

The sponsor's husband appeared after a bit with a travel bug and a few additions to the cache.

"Hey, you can't do that here!"

Well, yes we can; he's one of the city managers and formally gave permission for the hides earlier.

Southern Man and the team sponsor establish GPS coordinates and finalize the cache contents.

Then we headed back to the school and the students got to work on publishing their cache.

The geocaching web site on a very cool SmartBoard.

The students craft their web page.

And after this most enjoyable afternoon Southern Man headed back towards town but as is his custom hit several geocaches on the way... of which was hidden on this fine old bridge.

Then it was dinner with friends and a movie for the guys. Quite a pleasant way to spend a Saturday!


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