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Monday, December 05, 2011

Southern Man Fixes A PC

Given that he's something of a tech-head Southern Man's broken computers seem to stay broken for an inordinately long time. Anyway, this one locks up after a while and it's obviously a bad video-card fan but Southern Man just hadn't gotten a round tuit until today when he opened it up and verified that the fan was stuck and unstuck it. Southern Man picks up a surprising number of giveway PCs that can be fully repaired with a 99ยข fan.

The tragedy was that when he moved the PC he found a Christmas list from last year under it. The irony is that he needs it again this year (it's the list of everyone's preferred drinks for stocking stuffers).

So now that he's on a roll he may try to fix the other broken PC (which may have a bad hard drive) today as well and that would give him four operational machines at home. Does he need that many? Apparently not; he's been limping along with two for months now, hasn't he? One of which was a cast-off from work that had (ta da!) a bad video-card fan and now does yeoman work as the main multimedia PC. But the one he just fixed is the fastest machine in La Casa and the other one was the main web-browsing PC so it will be good to have them back. Don't get him started on the half-dozen (half operational, half not) he moved out to The Land last week.


At Tuesday, December 06, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your family does stocking stuffers?
Wow! What do you mean by 'favorite' drinks? I thought stuffers consisted of fruit, candies, small toys, socks and things like that. How do you get the drinks in there? Are they cards or certificates?

What else do southern people do for christmas?

At Tuesday, December 06, 2011, Blogger Southern Man said...

Stockings are a Big Deal at our Christmas. The tradition is that all stocking gifts are anonymous (but by now everyone knows the drinks (cases of soda or fraps, stuff like that) are from me). And by "stocking" we mean "huge free-standing decorated bag with an actual stocking attached to the side" with small gifts inside and larger ones piled around and as often as not a Benjamin or two tucked into the toe of the actual stocking. It started way back when my parents said "don't get us anything for Christmas this year" and we all gave them gifts from "Santa." It's a lot of fun picking out stocking stuffers (I watch for them year round) and it's also fun to find lots of little things that I love in my "stocking" and not knowing who thought of each.

At Wednesday, December 07, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That explains a lot. I was thinking adult holiday drinks in stemmed glassed. DUH on me!

Since you do the stockings with a bang, do you exchange personal gifts as well. That can get expensive if you have a big extended family.

We all go to a three hour Mass then go home to a huge sit down meal. Poppy gets out the slide show and we laugh/cry for hours more. then we get to eat again. Eventually we head home usually on snow covered roads. Mon and Pops fireplace is huge...that is where I usually sit with several nieces and nephews.

At Wednesday, December 07, 2011, Blogger Southern Man said...

Sounds familiar! We gather at my folks around the big fireplace and eat 'till we can eat no more, then open gifts - the younger grandchildren act as Santa's Helpers and bring the "stockings" to their recipient one at a time. Dad's thousands and thousands of slides have been largely replaced by sister's annual multimedia show (which she drops in everyone's stocking as well) but he runs a slide show for interested parties later in the evening so the g-kids can laugh at what their parents looked like way back when. By tradition my folks have us all on Christmas Eve and we scatter out to our other families on Christmas Day. It's one of the best days of my year.


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