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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Weekend Day 1

Five glorious days with very little structure and few scheduled events. Now that's Southern Man's kind of holiday, as he is still decompressing from SC11. So, here's the schedule:
Today: doctor's appointment at 8:00, free the rest of the day.
Tomorrow: morning free, then lunch at Southern Parents and evening free.
Friday: nothing!
Saturday: free until mid-afternoon, then dinner with friends.
Sunday: Sunday School in the morning, then free for the rest of the day.
So after this morning's appointment Southern Man meandered home and did a little geocaching on the way and picked up a few groceries. And the afternoon developed into such a stunningly beautiful day - crisp and cool and clear skies and no wind - that Southern Man decided to head out to The Land but did so much 'caching along the way that it was dark when he arrived - where he stepped out of the truck and was greeted by a beautiful turquoise sky with Jupiter and Venus glittering like jewels overhead. It was a stunning sight and Southern Man just sat down in wonder for a while. The pond was dead calm and about thirty inches up, enough that the three-cinderblock-high dock pilings he'd finished at the water's edge a few weeks ago were now entirely submerged. Looks like he needs to go up one or two more.

And then Southern Man discovered that he'd forgotten the bag of food and supplies and faced a night without supper and a morning without breakfast. Not to mention that the entertainment options in the trailer are still pretty thin - a VCR (but no DVD player; that half of the VCR/DVD combo died a day after it went to the trailer) and a little TV, a portable AM/FM/CD player, and that's about it. And there was no dark chocolate at all in the trailer. So he piddled around for a while and then bowed to the inevitable and came back to the apartment and put that bag right in front of the door so after Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow he'll go back out properly supplied for a planned two-night stay. Sadly, the forecast calls for rain on those two days...


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