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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Workin' For The Weekend

After a routine workweek (well, there was a mild earthquake...actually a whole swarm of 'em) Southern Man was looking forward to getting out to The Land and making a little more progress on his endless list of projects and tasks and chores (which by the way he finds most relaxing so it's not really work at all). On Friday he lucked into a batch of free 55-gallon plastic drums on Craigslist and managed to nab a pickup-load of those - they are designated for future rainwater-recovery systems and water management in the future greenhouse - and ran those out and did a few odd jobs and grilled steak at the firepit for dinner and then today he spent the day on various chores (but not the painting and roofing that are at the top of the to-do list - much too windy for that!) and even made more progress on the future dock. Tomorrow is Sunday School and the weatherman says "not quite so windy tomorrow afternoon" so perhaps he'll get some shingles up and paint on tomorrow afternoon. And that's about it. The next excitement in Southern Man's life is late next week when he and two of his fellow professors head out to the SC11 conference in Seattle where we'll build a small cluster computer and bring it home for the kids to play with. And that will mark a personal first in Southern Man's traveling life - both coasts in a single semester. He's looking forward to a bit of geocaching and hopes to have time to make fun of the losers at Occupy Seattle.

[added later] And then we got an even bigger earthquake! How exciting! And so of course instead of running outside in panic everyone just got on FaceBook...


At Sunday, November 06, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

getting on facebook after an

what exactly is the purpose of the occupy people? sounds like a lot of thuggery to me. nothing like the tea party to who were clean, peaceful, law abiding, and believed in the goodness of the country. i suspect most were respectful of God and not jew bashing or cross urinating like ows in oakland. sorry, dude, they give me a headache.

earthquake in the south...was it the madrid fault line? it has been shaking a lot this year.


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