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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Political Correctness Test

The following press release from a Major University has had some information redacted. Try a few different terms in the blanks and see if it sounds...politically you. Then visit this link to see the politically correct answer (at least we assume that it is politically correct as universities are bastions of political correctness).
According to [Major University] spokesman [name], six out of 10 new [MU] students will be ________ in fall 2010, which is the largest ________ gap favoring ________ students that [MU] has ever had. [MU]’s fall 2009 enrollment was 54 percent ________ and 46 percent ________, according to the [MU] Office of Institutional Planning and Research.

[MU] is aware of the gap but not doing anything to balance the numbers, [name] said. But he said the school isn’t discriminating against ________ applicants.

“________ wouldn’t be admitted because they’re ________,” he said. “________ are being admitted because they are doing the things to be admitted and ________ aren’t.”
Hat tip to The Agitator and Coyote Blog.

And "spokesman"? Isn't that politically incorrect as well? Why not spokesperson? Do we blame the university or the newspaper for that one?


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