Southern Man

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Geocaching Day

Southern Man does not get out nearly often enough to just have fun, so after transferring 10-year-old daughter back to her mother (she is going to Texas for the weekend with a group of girls to celebrate a friend's birthday) Southern Man headed south to pick up his estranged wife and we grabbed some snacks and sodas and then we went about an hour's distance to a pretty little state park to do some geocaching. Casa Southern Man is still enough of a mess that Southern Man could find neither his boots nor his GPS (a Garmin eTrex Legend) but ran off some Google Earth printouts to help find the caches. And we found four, and had quite a bit of fun talking and hiking and generally not worrying about the various pressures of our lives. Southern Man plans to do a lot more fun stuff this spring and summer.


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