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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Four Ingredients of Success

While working today Southern Man stumbled across Ask James and the following pearl of wisdom:
We have four bodies. The flesh and blood physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. Every body is fed by food. Emotional food is fed to you when you are people who are positive and avoid people who are negative. Mental food happens when you read, develop ideas, absorb knowledge, spiritual health is obtained when you give up all these man-made definitions of success.
Being a well-educated Christian Southern Man was immediately reminded of this verse:
And Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and found favor with God and man.
So Southern Man amends James to say that success is when you make an effort, each day, to grow just a little as Jesus did: mentally, physically, socially (which includes emotionally), and spiritually. Every day do something that exercises both your mind and your body. Take the time to enjoy the company of others whenever you can (no small challenge for an introvert). And make a commitment to deepen your spirituality. Do these things every day and you will find success. Well, just what is success? Success is not measured in paychecks or possessions or the number of square feet of your house or "friends" you have on Facebook. It is measured by the growth of mind and body and spirit and soul. The rewards are peace with your circumstances and confidence in your abilities. The ultimate reward of success is happiness. So strive to be successful, and savor the rewards that will follow.


At Friday, April 20, 2012, Anonymous MK said...

And Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and found favor with God and man.

This verse has always puzzled me a bit since being fully man and fully God I assumed he knew everything already and was never out of communion with God (excepting for when he paid the price for sin)

At Sunday, April 22, 2012, Blogger Southern Man said...

My personal view is that Jesus did not become fully aware of who He was until He was in his thirties, and it was not until He fully accepted that He was, indeed, the Son of God, that He left his mother and began his ministry

At Sunday, April 22, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a Jewish man could not be a priest (rabbi) until the age of the scriptures, you must be aware of the Jewish history of them for Jesus who was Jewish came to fulfill the law. more and more christians are rediscovering this, especially the evangelicals.


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