Southern Man

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snow Day 5

Although the roads are in fair shape most parking lots are still heaped with snow so VITA was canceled again and since that was Southern Man's only scheduled activity this is a double bonus snow day. It's too cold to go to The Land and Southern Man is fearful he'd get stuck anyway - in the mud, not the snow - so the day will be spent tidying up the place (given that he's been home since Tuesday you'd think this would be done already but you would be wrong) and watching videos and playing games (both PC and iPad) and generally lazing about (and if you suspect that's about all that has happened over the last week you would be right!)

When this became known to Southern Man's ex she complained bitterly about her move to the north: apparently it doesn't matter how much snow they get because an army of snow-removal equipment has the streets cleared in no time and everything stays open so they didn't miss much school or work at all.


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