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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

The winter storm that has more or less paralyzed Southern Man's home city today has now been upgraded to a full blown blizzard. No one can get anywhere (and at this writing Southern Man's sister and SO and stepson are still stuck in a parking lot, so we are all keeping our ears on the phone to make sure they get home [ UPDATE: they have been rescued by two nice guys in a monster truck ] ) so the traditional Christmas Eve at Southern Man's folks is postponed. And it's a good thing, too, as Southern Man barely made it home himself. He took the big Nissan pickup (which was well-nigh unmanageable in this mess) all the way out to The Land earlier today where the Hyundai was and traded vehicles. This was a wise decision*as the little front-wheel-drive stick-shift coupe handles the poor road conditions with fair aplomb, but by the time Southern Man got back home the road conditions were beyond terrible and he was fortunate to make it all the way in. But with any luck all will be home safe and sound soon. And hopefully all of you are as well.

*Actually, a really wise decision would have been to stay home.


At Wednesday, December 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Mo here. I have learned that reading your blog is the best way of keeping up with you. Sorry to hear about you and Debby. I did send a Christmas card to the 2 of you at Debby's address with a newsletter...but under the circumstances I don't know if you saw it. Basically, there is no big news here. My son and his wife are doing well. My job continues to be the exact opposite of the OCU job..absolutely no agitation, no arguments, no drama. Quiet and pleasant. We have started the process of preparing to apply for ABET accreditation, and so have had dept meetings weekly for months, but they have been very pleasant and productive meetings! It's amazing. We have completely overhauled the degree program, and I'm quite proud of the results. We should start implementing some of it next fall. Even if we don't get accredited, we will have a much improved major.

I saw the OKC snow on the news. We had a lot of snow here, too, but probably did not make the news, as it's not so unusual here. We had a 3 day blizzard that started Christmas eve. I had about 2 feet of snow on my driveway that I had to shovel off before I could go anywhere. Still better than mowing the lawn in 100 degree heat.

I saw that Robert Henry will be the new OCU president. I knew him in high school. The board of trustees actually picked a sensible guy with academic experience..what's wrong with those people? I got a Christmas card from Roberta in which she says that she doesn't think anyone can rescue OCU from its financial trouble, but did not give details. Do you know anything about that?

Glad your Hyundai is doing well on the snow. My little Hyundai also does quite well on the snow, which is good, since I drive on snow about 3-4 months out of the year!

Please email or post on your blog about how things are going at OCU. What about the new degree? Enrollment?

God bless, and good luck. Mo.


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