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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Recipe - Southern Man's Bean Soup

After eighteen months of experimentation, Southern Man has finally achieved bean soup perfection.

  • Beans. Lots of beans. Lots of varieties of beans.
  • One jar of salsa.
  • One pound of hamburger meat.
  • One package of taco seasoning.
  • One beer.
  • Prepare the beans. Southern Man uses lots of dried beans, so this is slightly more involved than just opening cans. Pinto beans, red beans, ranch style beans, kidney beans, black beans...a can of pinto beans with jalepeno peppers is a nice touch as well.

  • Brown the hamburger meat and season to taste with the taco seasoning.

  • Drain the meat and add to the beans.

  • Dump the jar of salsa into the mix and pour in the beer. Simmer for about half an hour to cook out the alcohol and blend the flavors. Your kitchen will smell like a frat house for the rest of the day but it's worth it.
Now open another beer, break out some saltines or cornbread, and enjoy some delicious Southern Man Bean Soup!


At Friday, November 09, 2007, Blogger gouldie said...

Oh, wait, SouthernMan forgot to add one thing to his November 08 blog: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!!! Oh, now SouthernMan feels much better.

One mor thing .... dude - are you sure that's not a rat eatin' those cheetos?

At Friday, November 09, 2007, Blogger Southern Man said...

Oops, my bad...corrected, and thank goodness for the ability to backdate posts :)


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