Southern Man

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spanish Inquisition Day 3

We were up early with bags packed and walked (more walking!) to the Metro station and from there took the trains to the bus station and from there embarked on a four-hour bus ride to Córdoba.

Once there we hopped on yet another bus that took us into town and then we walked (more walking!) to Hostel Osio, which was quite a step up from Hostel Mad4You in Madrid. Once again Southern Man is bunking with three other but the beds are comfortable and (again) we have our own private bathroom and shower.

Southern Man is comfortably relaxing in this courtyard right now. Photo from Google Images.

The hostel is quite near the magnificent Great Cathedral of Córdoba (which is the site of an "Earth Cache") and a monument, the Triunfo de San Rafael.

Why, yes, there is a geocache hidden near the monument.

So Southern Man did a little geocaching and shopping (ice cream!) and walking about and then the entire group walked (more walking!) across town to a fairly upscale restaurant for the Córdoba welcome dinner ("Your limit is 11€!") and we enjoyed what was (for Southern Man) the best meal in Spain yet - beef and pork and chicken and peppers and bread and beer...

What's on the schedule? Two full days in Córdoba with lots of free time. What to do, what to do...

There are still many geocaches in Córdoba waiting to be found...


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