Southern Man

Friday, May 30, 2014

Spanish Inquisition Day 13

Today the bus ride was relatively brief - fifteen km or so out of town (but on a city bus that made many stops) to Itálica, a second-century Roman outpost that was left high and dry when the Guadalquivir River shifted its course due to silation after the removal of forest cover. Without a water supply the city was abandoned and no new settlement was constructed, leaving a remarkably well-preserved site.

Danni and Professor Ginnet are dwarfed by the amphitheater.

Travel bug "Little Roswell" surveys the amphitheater from on high.

And why was Little Roswell out and about? Oh, checking on a geocache at the site? Of course he was.

Danni signs the log.

Southern Man and Danni man the chariot.

The trip is winding down and Southern Man still has a big bag of travel bugs because almost all of the caches he's found are small so after we got back to the hostel he hiked a mile across the river to the largest cache he could find on the map and was able to leave four of the small ones there and got back just in time for dinner.

Our last feast together!

Tonight we pack and tomorrow morning we catch an early bus to Madrid for our last full day in Spain!


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