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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spanish Inquisition Day 11

Today was, hands down, the most physically demanding of the trip - a waterfall tour that required several miles of walking through sometimes-iffy terrain and taking us from the mountaintop into the valley and back up again, immediately followed by a trip up, up, up to the very top of Grenada to view the cave houses and the sunset.

The tour didn't start until late morning so Southern Man got out early and picked up a couple of geocaches, both in lovely old churches.

At the Basílica de La Virgen de las Angustias. The cache was a magnet hidden in the iron planter.

And now for the waterfall tour. It was absolutely spectacular and there is no way that photos can do it justice.

Not that we didn't try. That's Carrin and Christian; Southern Man took over a hundred pics himself.

Crossing a long suspension bridge.

The tour proper begins here.

Another long suspension bridge with a waterfall underneath.

They warned us that the path was not easy in places...

Walking a high long ridgeline that was straight out of Lord of the Rings. Well, not straight out but that was what we were all thinking.

Several hours after crossing that long suspension bridge with the waterfall beneath, we finally came all the way around to visit that waterfall.

And at the end of that long and winding road and drink!

Refilling our water bottles one last time at la fuente de muerte.

The waterfall tour took far longer than we had anticipated so once the bus got us back into Granada we immediately headed uphill to meet our guide for the Cave Tour.

Some of the "cave homes" high above the city.

The City of Granada and the Cave Homes don't really see eye to eye. These homes were bulldozed a few months ago.

The folks up here have a fairly strong opinion about their relationship to the city below. Photo by Danni.

Waiting for the sunset...

Our vantage point was well above The Alhambra.

Geocaches were found...

And then our exhausted band hit the first open cafe we saw and ate and drank and eventually made it home to our beds after an exhausting but thrilling day.


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