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Friday, May 16, 2014


The last contractual duty of the academic year is to attend graduation. We walk well over a thousand so the college rents a venue in downtown Southern City. The CS faculty meets early for dinner, and Southern Man went even earlier to do a little geocaching.

One of the caches was a virtual tour of "Bricktown" and required that we post the name and sculptor of this Sisyphus-inspired piece.

Waiting outside Italian eatery Zio's.

The gang's (mostly) all here!

The girls of CS (Vicky, the now-retired Mary, Anita, and Sara) with James lurking in the background.

Southern Man's favorite deans, snapped just as Max points out the Star Trek "Science Division" insignia (a gift from one of the Southern Nephews) that Southern Man proudly wears on his academic regalia.

And then we had the usual pomp and circumstances and introductions and awards and a commencement speech (by the governor!) and a thousand-plus students marched across the stage and then Southern Man went home and ate his leftover pepperoni chicken (delicious!) and thought about what he'd need to pack for tomorrow...


At Monday, June 30, 2014, Blogger Will S. said...

Pepperoni chicken? Never heard of that! What is it? (Pepperoni and chicken, I gather, but how?)


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