Southern Man

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Site Of The Day - GraphJam

The Southern ManTM Site Of The DayTM is GraphJam, which is chock full of humorous graphs and pie charts and Venn diagrams and such. Here's an example that hits rather close to home right now...

song chart memes
Many of these will test your knowledge of pop culture and song lyrics (or, in Southern Man's case, reveal his lack of such). In other words, you either get this one or you don't:

song chart memes
Not to worry: there are "cheat sheets" (mostly "cheat videos from YouTube") for most of the graphs (and a good deal of the pleasure of this site is clicking on those). But the wisdom of Yoda is known to all:
song chart memes
so Southern Man sez go browse around and see which ones strike your fancy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie Review - The Dark Knight

In the crowded men's room after the showing, one fellow wailed his plaint: "Just what the hell was that?" Southern Man couldn't have said it better. The Dark Knight is a overly loud, overly long, incoherent mess held together by the utter insanity that is Heath Ledger's brilliant characterization of The Joker and little else. You'll see it, you'll respect it for the cinematic tour de force that it is, and you'll buy the DVD when it comes out, but you won't really like it and you will never really understand it. Unless you are of course a Batman fanboy (or fangirl, or whatever) in which you will either love it or hate it with all of your heart.